Community Survey Results July 2016

over 1 year ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

In June/July of 2016, Council conducted a community survey to get feedback on how the playground is used and the draft plans. Information about the survey reached more than 5,000 people through Council’s social media and promotion in the newspaper, with almost 90 people completing the survey.

Survey results:

  • 80% said the concept design would suit the age of the children they would take there
  • The equipment rated as the highest priorities was; Flying Fox, Mammoth Nest Swing, Water Play, Climbing Structure and slides
  • Feedback suggested more equipment was needed for toddlers
  • Shade and seats were ranked as the most important landscaping features - the construction plans include 18 tress and 12 seats

A number of comments also suggested the park needed a barrier or fencing to make the interface with the road safer. The project team have given this issue careful consideration taking into account the budget impact, best practice design and feedback from other Council’s.

In order to maintain a natural playground, encourage active supervision and be able to afford a range of play equipment, the park edging will be created with wide natural plant beds and hedges as well as seating. Three speed humps on the access roads will also be added as well as formalising parking bays, in order to increase safety and driver visibility.

Taking this feedback and the budget into consideration the following equipment was installed in the initial construction phase;

  • Mammoth Nest Swing
  • Slides and stepping logs, timber balance beams, timber tepee
  • Twista
  • Wild surfer
  • Swing set
  • Double flying fox

Council have applied for grant funding to enable construction of the proposed amenities block. A proposed new shelter will also be reviewed as funding becomes available.